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Stack And Fold Toolbar Main Image
Stack and Fold Tool Bar

The Stack N Fold Toolbar from MK Martin is designed to provide safe and easy transport of Strip Cat strip till systems. By stacking both end sections over the center section, the Stack N Fold Toolbar quickly reduces the overall width providing easier transport from field to field. The over centre design and locking pins ensure that the end sections remain securely in place during travel and when in storage.

Stack N Fold Toolbars can be configured with 2 to 4 remotes allowing you to control each side of the toolbar separately. This allows for easier service and maintenance, as well as for custom operations when you may not need the full width of the Strip Cat such as on headlands and point rows.


  • Available from 8-Row to 18-Row
  • Allows for parallel horizontal stacking of row units
  • Ideal for transport and storage
  • Equipped with 2 large cylinders (5x30 fold cyl.)
  • Equipped with 2 small cylinders (2x4)
  • Requires 2 to 4 remotes depending on configuration