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Grader Leveler Main Image
Grader Leveler

This two in one combination of leveling and scraping makes short work of your grading jobs. The first blade attacks the high spots cutting them down to size, the second blade further scrapes anything the first missed and fills in the hollows. With two blades cutting and filling it takes much less time and fewer passes to achieve the even distribution of material you are looking for.

The scraper can be 3PH mounted, or equipped with a skidsteer adapter plate puts the work in front of you.

Model Working Width Overall Width Skid Shoes Mouldboard Thickness Cutting Edge Weight (LBS.)
578 60" 65" 3/8" x 2 Reversible 1/4" 1" Adjustment 498
678 72" 77" 3/8" x 2 Reversible 1/4" 1" Adjustment 598
778 84" 89" 3/8" x 2 Reversible 1/4" 1" Adjustment 697
878 96" 101" 3/8" x 2 Reversible 1/4" 1" Adjustment 797
Reversible Hardened Cutting Edges Feature Image

1/2" Reversible Hardened Cutting Edges

With two half inch reversible hardened cutting edges material is quickly leveled or redistributed to fill low points as the unit passes.

Bolt-On Skid Shoes Feature Image

Bolt-On Skid Shoes

Skidsteer Adaptor Feature Image

Optional Skidsteer Adaptor

3PH Adaptor Feature Image

Optional 3PH Adaptor