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Extreme Duty Brush Cutter

When a powerful solution is required to clear dense brush, woody vegetation, and trees up to 10 inch diameter, take a spin with the MK Martin Extreme Duty Brush Cutter for skidsteers. Rural property owners and contractors alike can now tackle property maintenance with this rugged and durable brush cutter for selective tree clearing and maintaining unruly vegetation across fields, forests and trails. At the core of the MK Extreme Duty Brush Cutter is the 78-inch diameter oversized rotor, manufactured using a 1-inch thick steel plate. Four replaceable pivoting flail knives are attached to deliver maximum centrifugal velocity and shear force on every rotation.

Model BCH78XD
Cut Capacity 78"
Machine Width 86.5"
Max Brush Diameter 10"
Radial Poston Motor 4 pkgs up to 40GPM
Recommended GPM 20+GPM
Torque Higher Torque capability at low speeds
Operating Pressure Up to 4000 psi
Blades 4 blades
Heavy Duty Cutting Bar 1"
Tip Speed 20,000 ft/min
Deck Thickness ¼"
Shipping Weight (LBS.) 2,200
Oversized 1” Thick Rotor Feature Image

Oversized 1" Thick Rotor

78" diameter oversized rotor is manufactured using a 1" thick steel plate.

Heavy Duty 10” Cut Capacity Feature Image

Heavy Duty 10" Cut Capacity

Easily power though dense brush, woody vegetation even 10 inch diameter trees across fields, forests and trails.

4 Replaceable Flail Knives Feature Image

4 Replaceable Flail Knives

Mounted on the rotor are 4 replaceable pivoting flail knives designed to deliver maximum centrifugal velocity and shear force on every rotation.

Direct Mounted Motor Feature Image

Direct Mounted Motor

The hydraulic radial piston direct mounted motor and heavy duty bearing assembly deliver tip speeds of up to 20,000 ft. per minute and produce powerful torque at lower speeds for continuous cutting and faster recovery.

Reversible Front Push Bar Feature Image

Reversible Front Push Bar

One side (A) has aggressive teeth for accurate pushing and directional control of larger trees. The reverse side (B) is smooth, intended for flattening dense underbrush.

Optional Bolt-On Mulching Knives Feature Image

Optional Bolt-On Mulching Knives

Bolt-on mulching knives go on the bottom of the rotor to effortlessly mulch though stumps and logs.

Optional Carbide Chipper Knives Feature Image

Optional Carbide Chipper Knives

Another option for mulching stumps and logs are the optional carbide tipped mulching knives.